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It is my pleasure to write a testimonial concerning the professionalism and expertise of RiCas Media Group. My name is Carol DiGiorgi, of DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, Inc. and I have been working with Chris Lariviere (President RiCas Media Group) for the last four years. Our working relationship started when he was an account executive at WFSB. Chris was someone you could always count on to have your company's best interest front and center. I felt as though he worked for me, not for WFSB. I never had to worry about errant run spots or invoice nightmares, Chris just got the job done so I was free to do other things. When Chris came to me and said he was opening up his own agency, I knew it would be in the best interest of the growth and prosperity of DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, Inc. to partner up with Chris.

It was not a decision that came with total ease. We at DiGiorgi had always managed our own advertising plan, from the early days of just a yellow page ad in the Valley book to years later and a mix that would include a healthy radio and television campaign. Why would it make sense to pay someone to do something we had always done, with what seemed to be success? Once we reasoned through that one dimensional thinking and began to think about what could be, things started to change for us.

We hired Chris Lariviere, at the beginning of the biggest economic slow down of our companies 76 year history. He carried us through, less two thirds of our advertising budget from the previous year, but got us a lead count that was not two thirds less. Chris immediately changed our long term plan to a short term plan with completely different media buys than we had initially intended. At first I was skeptical, but I trusted Chris and he returned my trust with results. He continued to work with a drastically reduced budget getting us the leads we needed to stick to the course and ride out the storm. He reworked and tweaked the plan each month based on the previous months results and we went through the year building momentum with each passing month. I know the year would not have had the same outcome, had we gone with our original thinking about keeping the advertising management in house.

Chris was able to accomplish things we would never have even thought about doing. He was able to get us more spots for less money in every media buy he made. While our bonus spots increased exponentially our stress decreased exponentially. He increased our cable presence without increasing the dollar amount. He strategically managed our direct mail campaign and the results went up or stayed the same with less money being spent.  Chris had to make some tough decisions right out of the gate and he never faltered. Chris Lariviere took the advertising helm and made it so effortless for the rest of us; we never had to look back.

Chris Lariviere is a standout man. He has a solid character and makes his business decisions based on his strong moral compass. He has always represented himself with great dignity, honesty and thoughtfulness. He treats our company as if it were his own. I am proud of my association with him and know he will be a great asset to any company that teams up with RiCas Media Group.


Carol DiGiorgi
DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, Inc.


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