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If you plan on advertising anywhere or anytime over the next two Political cycles, you need to plan immediately. Don't get caught off guard by waiting too late and then discovering the rates you once paid have now doubled or tripled, or the daypart you need is simply SOLD OUT. RiCas Media Group has lived through more than 6 record breaking political election seasons, each one bigger than the last. We know how the systems work, what the Federal guidelines are, and where the loopholes lie. Let RiCas Media Group plan your attack this coming season. We will produce the absolute best quality spots that will blow your competitors away in your market, and we will spend your advertising dollars as efficiently as possible. Give us a call today!!

The New and Used Auto sales industry are going strong here in the Northeast, contrary to what's happening in other parts of the country. There have been some interesting dynamics effecting sales over the last month, and will probably continue to effect inventory through the Summer. Because foreign new cars are so hard to secure right now, most major dealerships have turned to quality used cars to fill the gaps where they can. This mad dash to find quality used cars has driven the wholesale prices at the auctions up significantly, all but locking out most small 'mom and pop' independently owned used car lots. Other factors have contributed as well, effecting even American Auto manufacturers. Many Ford and GM factories rely on Japanese electronics for their cars, such as stereos, video systems, navigation, etc. In one case, the only headliner supplier for the Ford Explorer burned to the ground recently, which held up Explorer production for several weeks..

Now is the time for New and Used Car Dealers to get on the air with a multi platform advertising campaign. RiCas Media Group has and does work with several Auto Dealerships, both foreign and domestic, with great success. We write and produce TV and Radio ads, as well as direct mail and magazine creative copy. We produce our spots in High Def creating a quality that measures right up there with any national ad on Television, but for an extremely reasonable price. Then we negotiate, plan, and buy all ad campaigns as efficiently as is humanly able, getting you as much 'mileage' out of your advertising dollars as possible. We then track the entire campaign as it runs, in order to steer the campaign on a daily basis in order to not loose focus. Finally, we post everything that ran after the fact to be sure the media outlets we've partnered with did indeed deliver what they had promised. Call RiCas Media Group today, we would love to help you in any way possible.

National News channels are still indicating that our economy is still in a slow to flat recovery, however indications here in the Northeast are that we're not being as effected by the same factors as other parts of the country. Real estate in this area has taken a slight hit in value, but only single digit decreases, and while some mortgages are being foreclosed on, they are mostly the over mortgaged homes that were lent 100%+ with zero down payment. Those types of loans could default in any economy.

Retail still seems strong here, as does all the categories that cover home improvement. It appears most homeowners are starting to accept that they are going to be living in their current home for at least the next 5-10 years until home values recover, therefore they are choosing to invest dollars into those homes through all aspects of home improvement, (Roofing, Gutters, Windows, Landscaping, Remodeling, Painting, etc). RiCas Media Group has a proven track record over several years working with the Home Improvement industry writing and producing high quality, high definition, TV and Radio ads as well as print and magazine creative. Let us build an extremely aggressive, long term and wide reaching advertising campaign that spends your ad dollars as efficiently as humanly able. Give us a call today!!
Wow! Where did Summer go!! I just put my kids on the school bus yesterday for their first day of school. It seems like they just got out for Summer. RiCas Media Group has been very busy producing a series of new commercials with New York Sound and Motion for our client DiGiorgi Incorporated. We shot 3 new :30 second TV spots, all in HD. They look phenominal. Feedback from viewers has been amazing. Ed Brown and his crew at NYSM did an incredible job producing these spots. Check them out on my site. I believe we are the first local client to produce and air TRULY HIGH DEFINITION spots, not just spots that were converted after production by computer. These are amazing and look as good or better than any national ad out there. If you or someone you know would like to look into getting your commercials produced in High Definition, give us a call.

RiCas Media Group has been working day and night for the last 2 weeks with a client out of the Nashville area who has designed a structure that they believe will stop the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and cap the pipe permanently, thereby stopping the thousands of barrels of oil currently gushing into the ocean everyday since April 20th. They've been attempting to contact anyone from BP that will listen, through both proper channels and through colleagues who have contacts inside BP, however they have been unable to garner any response. This disaster could very well end up being the worst enviromental disaster of our lifetimes. The lack of urgency from officials at BP at this point is very disturbing so RiCas Media has taken on this client in order to get their message out through the media. We are currently in communication with several major networks and hope to have the story hit the air early next week. We'll keep you posted as to our progress........
We just got finished putting the finishing touches on the latest version of the website. As a hobby, I restore classic cars, (with a lot of help from my friends, you all know who you are!), and I've come to realize that building and maintaining a website is much the same. You can work really hard and get that car looking great for the upcoming Summer, however it's never quite finished. There are always several small details left to address. The same goes for this website, there will always be ways we can change it and tweak it and make it better, and we plan to do so as often as possible. Our goal is to have an extremely informative site that will show our clients and prospects that together we have the tools we need to make every marketing campaign a successful one.

Thanks to all of you for your support!


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