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How Our Service Can Help

  • Help You Create a Good Offer. We will ask you lots of questions about your business and your customers. We will help you come up with an offer that is so compelling that, ideally, those who see your campaign will go immediately to their phones and call you.
  • Write and Produce a Selling Campaign. We will produce a campaign that features a good offer, makes that offer very clear, and tells your target audience how to contact you. Beware! Many television commercial producers have no idea how to do even these basic things!
  • Help You Get Competitive Rates. Although it is always rule #1 that we will never promise to get you lower rates, in general, an agency that places many thousands of dollars worth of advertising every year is going to get better rates than an individual advertiser.
  • Buy the Best Commercial Time For Your Offer. We always take into consideration not only the audience ratings for the media we look to buy but other, more subtle factors, learned through long experience, that make some mediums work while others don't.
  • Help You Track Results. We will help you and your employees find out where your prospects saw your commercials, so that we can incorporate what you have learned to make each new schedule more effective than the last.
  • Help Insulate You From Media Salespeople. This can be no small thing. Once TV, radio and print salespeople see your marketing campaign, they will all be calling you, and calling you, and calling you. If you have an agent, you just say, "Call my agent" once and you're done with it.
  • Responsibly Account For Your Money. RiCas Media Group strives to be as transparent as possible. We will always account, to the penny, for every dollar you spend with us. You will always get, on a regular basis, a statement that details money in/money out and is backed up with media invoices.

What You Can Do For RiCas Media Group!

Working with any advertising agency is a two-way street if you want a successful campaign. You should never start with an ad agency unless you're really committed to going ahead, testing the waters, and continuing if your test proves successful. Don't throw out big advertising budget figures to lure in a good agency, then pull back when it comes time to book the schedule. Always return your agent's phone calls and emails promptly and deal with him or her honestly and directly. Stay in touch, don't just disappear from view if you're undecided about what you want to do.  Remember, your agency works for you, not for the media.  In summary, treat your agent as you would like to be treated.


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